4 Myths About Low Testosterone

testosterone, low testosterone

There are many things people have wrong when it comes to men’s hormones. Many of these myths create very dangerous situations where men abuse the use of supplements and misunderstand the role testosterone plays and how to safely treat low testosterone symptoms.  Here are some of the common myths you need to be aware of when it comes to a diagnosis of high or low testosterone:


1. More Testosterone = More Fertility.


False. A man with a healthy testosterone balance is likely to be fertile, but when present in excessive levels, testosterone can actually cause the testicles to stop working and cause them to shrink. This leads to infertility issues. Keeping your hormones well balanced is the goal of natural hormone replacement therapy, which is why Nova Health provides comprehensive hormone testing and customized treatment for each patient. This is one striking reason testosterone needs to be administered properly, and doctors and physicians discourage men from trying to tackle their low T issues without supervision.


2. Being overweight does not affect testosterone levels.


Wrong. Extra fat will actually work like a sponge and suck testosterone and other important hormones from the blood. This leads to a reduced libido, lack of energy and other issues associated with aging and a drop in testosterone. This is particularly true when the deposits of fat are carried around the belly or abdomen. Hormone levels and weight are often connected, and can negatively affect each other.


3. Vigorous exercise can fix testosterone troubles.


This one is a bit tricky. As you probably already realize, exercise is a important part of feeling healthy, but exercise alone can’t fully replenish low testosterone levels. Moderate exercise does lead to a slight increase in testosterone levels but actually, when the exercise is too extreme, testosterone can decrease rapidly. Having low testosterone levels makes it harder to get motivated to exercise and harder to lose weight, which often results in the savage cycle of inactivity and a continually reduced level of hormones.


4. Testosterone supplements are safe for everyone to use.


False. Many people find it surprising when they learn that the government does not yet actively regulate all sales or use of testosterone products or supplements meant to produce testosterone. These supplements should only be used under a doctor’s supervision and your testosterone levels should never exceed normal levels, or else negative side effects may occur. It is important to have hormone testing performed and to receive treatment from a professional.

Check out our website, call us with any questions you may have, and contact us today to find out some simple and easy ways to help you regulate testosterone levels safely and naturally. Do you suspect your testosterone levels are low? Feeling sluggish and losing interest in sex, exercise and other things you used to enjoy as a young man? Take our hormone balance test and our specialists can determine if you are a good candidate for natural hormone replacement therapy to correct these issues!