Can Hormone Imbalances Cause Weight Gain?

The answer is yes. Your hormones and metabolism are more closely connected than you may realize.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’ve been keeping your diet and exercise the same all year, but recently you’ve been having issues with weight gain. You dread going to the scale and seeing the numbers get higher.

Your weight gain had nothing to do when you were eating. It’s actually being caused by your hormones. Your metabolism is directly affected by the hormones that your body produces.

When you have perfectly balanced hormones, your metabolic rate is appropriate to maintain a healthy body weight. Imbalanced hormones will decrease the speed of your metabolism, which causes your calories to burn at a slower rate, and store them as body fat. This can happen even when you don’t change your eating or exercising habits.

How Do You Fix It?

If you’re having trouble with weight gain despite your efforts to lose weight, you should first consult your doctor to see if you have any major health problems.  Another way to check is to have your hormones tested. These tests can show if you have any imbalances or deficiencies.

Imbalances can cause weight gain in any region of the body. Stomach, arms, thighs, and chest are some of the most common areas for hormonal weight gain.

Natural hormone therapy is a gentle and simple method that can help balance your hormones and reduce hormonal symptoms such as gaining excessive weight. You can fill out this assessment and we will help you find the solution for your problems!

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