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4 Myths About Low Testosterone

There are many things people have wrong when it comes to men's hormones. Many of these myths create very dangerous situations where men abuse the use of supplements and misunderstand the role testosterone plays and how to safely treat low testosterone symptoms.  Here are some of the common myths you need to be aware of

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Lack of Sex Drive is No Reason For Men to Be Embarrased

Sex, it's everywhere. It's on your tv, it's in the books you read, and it's all over the internet. Everyone is talking about it and it seems like everyone is having it. Everyone, except you that is. As a male, a lack of sex drive can be embarrassing. You tell yourself it's just a dry

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Are Low Testosterone Levels Normal?

The subject of the testosterone hormone has recently received a lot of public attention. Much has been said about the effects of low testosterone levels and its impact on wellbeing. But what is testosterone? And what is the meaning of low levels, and how do you cope with it? Firstly, testosterone is a hormone produced

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