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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Corrects Hormones in Men

Just as in women, men can suffer from symptoms of hormone reduction. Hormones in men diminish in production as a result of aging. This condition, sometimes known as male menopause, affects about five million males. Male menopause, also know as andropause, can be just as difficult an adjustment in men as menopause is for women. If you

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Lack of Sex Drive is No Reason For Men to Be Embarrased

Sex, it's everywhere. It's on your tv, it's in the books you read, and it's all over the internet. Everyone is talking about it and it seems like everyone is having it. Everyone, except you that is. As a male, a lack of sex drive can be embarrassing. You tell yourself it's just a dry

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Hormone Imbalances in Men: Can Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

While many people associate hormone imbalances with a problem only women face, that's simply not the case. In fact, hormones in men often become imbalanced with age. Men's testosterone levels begin to steadily decline around age 30. Testosterone-- a hormone produced by the testicles-- is responsible for many vital functions in the male body, from various sexual functions

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