Revitalising Skin for a Younger Face

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With a name that raises eyebrows, our latest offering is lifting skin, filling out a shape and smoothing textures in patients who don’t want the long process and pain of cosmetic surgery. The “Stem Cell  Facelift” may sound like a Science Fiction flick, but in fact, it’s a simple in and out procedure that naturally revitalizes the face, offering a way to restore shape, smooth wrinkles and actually rejuvenate new, younger tissue.  You won’t become immortal, but the amazing effects last up to two years which is pretty impressive for a nonsurgical procedure.

How Does Stem Cell Facelift Work?

The process involves Platelet Rich Plasma and growth factors that are found naturally in your blood. These elements are taken from your own blood and injected elsewhere, causing stem cells to become activated and begin growing new tissue. The entire procedure takes about one hour, and there’s no down time. You can walk out and get straight back to your normal activities.

Who is a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Facelift?

If you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles and get a fuller look, filling in those droops and dents, Stem Cell Facelift is a good choice. With loss of blood flow as we age, skin can take on a grayish tone, which Stem Cell Facelift can also help by stimulating blood flow. Those with excessive loss of elasticity in the skin are not a good candidate usually. But don’t automatically rule yourself out. Complimentary consultations are offered for that reason. We are more than happy to help determine if the procedure is right for you. If someone has excessive jowls or a heavy “turkey neck”, Nova Health will soon be offering laser neck lifts. Subscribe to our blog in the for to the right to keep up to date on when those procedures are available.

If you’re interested in a lasting, youthful appearance without surgery and recovery, sign up for a free consultation to see how Stem Cell Facelift can rejuvenate your skin.