How To Effectively Manage Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a common conversation amongst women due to their bothersome and frustrating qualities. Hot flashes occur when there are low testosterone levels, increased cortisol, stress hormones, and low beta– endorphin levels.

These fluctuations in estrogen levels can cause many symptoms, but one of the most widespread and troublesome are hot flashes. Here are 4 surprisingly simple ways to manage your hot flashes at home.

Keep Cool

In addition to controlling room temperature and other external conditions, keep ice water on hand during the day and night. You can also try using a cold pack  under or near your pillow.

Air conditioning is a major plus in helping to relieve symptoms of hot flashes. However, if air conditioning is not an option for you, keeping a fan nearby will do the job and can feel like an oasis during a hot flash.

Wear Lighter Clothing

Wearing clothes made of linen, rayon, and cotton are preferable because these fabrics are more breathable and light. Avoid wearing solid colors—especially dark, tight clothing. Avoid wearing hats, unless the weather outside requires one.

Learn To Identify Hot Flash Triggers

Were you in a hot environment? What time of day did the hot flash occur? Were you feeling emotional at the time?

Avoiding the common triggers of hot flashes is another way to combat hot flashes. By making lifestyle changes, trying herbal remedies, and practicing deep breathing techniques, you can reduce the severity and frequency of your hot flashes.

If you want to have more control over your hot flashes, focus on lowering your stress level as best you can.

Eat Healthy

Having an unbalanced diet can also exacerbate hot flashes. Balanced nutrition provides the nutrients your body needs to fuel daily activities, and helps to improve your overall health.

Eat moderate amounts of meat, fish, and dairy foods; have small amounts of foods high in fat, especially saturated fat, or foods high in salt.

Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco can also help to reduce the severity of your hot flashes.

By following these four simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to taking control over your hot flashes, and ultimately your life. If you have any questions or concerns about your hot flashes please contact Nova Health Therapy or visit our website to take our Hormone Balance Test.

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