Every woman alive, no matter what age, is familiar with the experiences hormones can create for them. However, many women aren’t completely aware of the vastness and complexity of their human hormones. Whether a woman is trying to correct a hormonal imbalance or become more educated on how hormones work, this post will discuss a few interesting facts about hormones in women.

Hormones And Breastfeeding: For women looking for a reason to breastfeed their newborn instead of opting for formula, this may be it! When a woman breastfeeds, the hormone oxytocin is released throughout the body. This hormone not only reduces the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, but aids the uterus in returning to its regular size after giving birth.
Stress Can Cause Imbalances: Women who are prone to more stress often experience menstrual cycle infrequencies. Those stress hormones can make periods either shorter or longer than normal and create a whole new batch of other problems. Consider remedies to thwart stress hormones that could ultimately lead to an unwanted hormonal imbalance.
Testosterone is Your Friend: When people hear the word “testosterone” they usually think of men. But the reality is that both men and women have this useful hormone. Women who do not produce enough testosterone often suffer from a lack of sex drive, low sense of well-being, and very little motivation. While too much testosterone (or too much of any hormone) will only do more harm than good, checking to see if testosterone levels are correct might be exactly what is needed to boost energy.