Hot Flashes: Are Your Hormones Making You Miserable?

Power surges. Solar flares. An alternative heat source. The jokes about women’s symptoms during “the change” are seemingly endless but are no laughing matter if you’re the one living them. Hot flashes can range from relatively mild to a sudden and overwhelming feeling of unbearable heat, and are a normal part of more than half of all women’s aging experience.
As your body moves toward menopause, levels of Estrogen drop. These lower hormone levels may send a false signal to your brain that your body’s temperature is too high, and your body tries to make quick changes to cool down. The heat rushes you feel are from things like an increased heart rate and dilated blood vessels. Since hormone levels can fluctuate wildly during perimenopause, hot flashes can seem completely unpredictable. Some women experience these symptoms all the way through menopause and even for a year or more after menstruation has ended. Every woman’s body is different – some women only experience mild symptoms that last a short time, while others have extreme hot flashes that interfere with daily life and may require medical treatment.

If you’re a woman who finds hot flashes are interfering with your life or are even unbearable, there are treatments that can help. Talk with your doctor to explore methods of balancing your hormone levels so you’re not sweating through three changes of clothing every day or wishing you could crawl inside the freezer. Hormone replacement therapy is one way you can gently balance your fluctuating hormone levels and help make your hot flashes manageable.

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