Lack of Sex Drive is No Reason For Men to Be Embarrased

Sex, it’s everywhere. It’s on your tv, it’s in the books you read, and it’s all over the internet. Everyone is talking about it and it seems like everyone is having it. Everyone, except you that is. As a male, a lack of sex drive can be embarrassing. You tell yourself it’s just a dry spell. Your boss has been on your case, finances are difficult, the kids are driving you crazy, and life is stressful. Sure, life is crazy right now, but it always has been. The truth is sex doesn’t even enter into the equation anymore. It’s bothered you now and then, but you’re a guy. You can’t admit to your lack of sex drive.

You can learn to live without sex. After all, it’s not an essential life function, but why should you? Sex can bring pleasure to you and your partner. It makes you feel closer and more connected to your spouse. If you’re suffering from a lack of sex drive, it’s worth discussing with your doctor.

The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to help rekindle your sex drive. For men, one of the largest factors in a lack of sex drive is aging. As men age, their testosterone level drops. This drop is sometimes referred to as andropause. Andropause is a hormone imbalance due to the lack of the male hormone, testosterone. At age 55, testosterone secreted by the testis is dramatically lower than at age 40. By 80, the testosterone levels can decrease to the level of a prepubescent male.

Research has shown that men with higher amounts of testosterone in their blood have a higher sex drive. Thankfully, natural hormone replacement therapy can help restore your testosterone levels to their prime. Time released pellets are used to increase your testosterone levels and maintain them over time. Ongoing monitoring allows your testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen levels to be delicately balanced to achieve the optimum hormone ratio for your body.

Natural hormone replacement therapy can help restore your sex drive. A simple and discreet conversation can begin your journey to rediscovering your sex life. You are not alone, over 36% of all people experience a lack of sex drive in their lifetime. There is help available with the professionals at Nova Health Therapy in Cincinnati and Louisville.

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