Practice Mindfulness to Complement Your Low Libido Treatment

Sometimes, a low libido is not just a result of a hormone imbalance but involves psychological factors as well. This doesn’t mean you need therapy, but it’s possible that there are some resentments or other stresses getting in the way of your sex drive. Mindfulness, being aware of the present moment without judgment, is a tactic that you can use with your low libido treatment for better results. It will cover the mental aspect needed for a higher sex drive. Here are three simple mindfulness techniques to help you improve your libido:

#1 Become More Curious About Your Body’s Sensations

Learning how to be aware without judging is a difficult task for most people, especially when it comes to themselves. One way to let go of judgment is to replace it with curiosity. Simply be curious about how you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing, and what signals your body is sending you. Ask yourself questions out of curiosity and a genuine desire to understand.

This process will often reveal emotions and past issues you haven’t fully let go of, so that you can finally release them instead of suppress. You can gain valuable insight on what you need to do to help yourself feel better by practicing mindfulness.

#2 Pay Attention to Any Signs of Resistance

Resistance shows up in different ways for each person. Common signs of resistance that you may experience when getting intimate with your partner include suddenly feeling tired, irritated, anxious, numb, and foggy. Your muscles may even tense up. Notice how your body shows resistance without judging it. Once you know how you’re resisting, you can explore what’s behind the resistance and solve the problem.

#3 Communicate Effectively with Your Partner

You may find that you need to talk to your partner about a problem you’re experiencing that’s affecting your sex life. For instance, maybe you feel insecure about having a health issue. Or perhaps you have some conflict with your partner. Just make sure to use good communication skills when discussing it with your significant other to prevent fights or accusations. A quick tip for communicating effectively is to not start your sentences with “you”. Phrase what you think and feel in “I” statements. It’s not “you make me mad when you _____.” It should be “I feel mad when you _____.”


Practicing mindfulness in addition to hormone therapy is a good way to tackle both aspects of a low libido: physical and mental. Women, in particular, benefit from mindfulness because their emotions are generally more influential on their sex drive in comparison to men.

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