Riding an Emotional Rollercoaster? See How Hormones Affect Your Mood

It is a fact of life that women cope with fluctuating hormones throughout their lifetime. First comes puberty – that time when hormonal changes cause you to feel anxious and moody. Monthly menstrual cycles that leave women feeling physically and emotionally exhausted come next. Add on a pregnancy here or there and then you have found yourself dealing with menopause later in life. The cycle is unending, which is why the more you know about your hormone levels, the better you are able to anticipate changes in mood and heightened emotions.

No one knows for sure why you feel moody when your hormone levels are changing, but some researchers attribute the emotional rollercoaster to certain hormone metabolites in the brain that causes your mood to change. Every woman’s body reacts differently to fluctuations which is why you may become more moody right before your menstrual cycle, but a friend may not. Some women metabolize hormones differently than you do.

Yes, outside factors do also affect your mood, such as social interactions, diet, exercise, stress and daily responsibilities. And, the way you react, communicate with others and express your thoughts and feelings are also attributed to how you feel physically. But, your hormone levels take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being.

While it is impossible to change your physiology, you can form positive lifestyle habits to change your life when your hormones are off-balance.

Nova Health is here to help you navigate these hormonal changes. Take our free hormone assessment test and contact us to discuss how natural hormone replacement therapy can change your life.

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